Manager Self-Services

Handle approval of personnel changes, expense reports, time off requests and other workflows. Quickly respond to employee needs from everywhere

Employee Self-Services

Submitting a leave request and an expense report from your mobile. Enable employees to complete routine and complex HR functions on their own from everywhere

Corporate Communication

Share a new company policy with your employees, Send alerts, Request HR letter and do a two way communications. We help you improve employee engagement and make communication happen from anywhere

Everything you need to automate your business

A state-of-the-art Directory

Using Smardex Corporate Directory, you can spin the organization, to get the right information in seconds. Control who can access each department/Customers/Suppliers. On boarding new employees was never easier!

Manage contracts

Keep track of your employees’ status, job titles, contract type and dates, and their schedule.

Process payroll easily

Workspace is a smart system which can help you to process payroll easily taking into consideration different variables like overtime and expense claims. Once payroll is processed, your employees will receive notifications on their phones showing the breakdown of what had been transferred to their bank accounts.

Submit expense claims from your phone

Workspace enterprise system is fully integrated with your phone. Take a picture of your expense and submit it to your manager to approve it from his phone, once done, your expense becomes part of your next payroll.!

Smart Vacation Requests

Use your phone to submit your vacation requests to your manager, once approved your calendar will be blocked to avoid receiving meeting invitations while you’re on vacation.

Paperless Time Sheets

Claiming your overtime was never easier, open workspace from your phone to record your overtime and submit it to your manager to approve it from his phone, once done it will become part of your next payroll.

Manage your hiring process “Recruitment”

Set up your job board, promote your job listings and easily keep track of submitted applications. Follow every applicant and build a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents. No need to outsource your recruitment - handle everything internally in a simple and professional way.

Manage Attendance Easily

You can integrate Workspace with a fingerprint hardware to easily manage your employee attendance. Smardex Workspace attendance is fully integrated with your payroll system.